“Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they're also what tear you apart”.
- Haruki Murakami.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Proud daughter.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Story Left Untold

The Story Left Untold // Every Avenue

As i'm listening to this song rn kindly please hear this song too, thanks.

So lovely people, ssup? Thot no one will read this huh as i'm retiring myself from blogging.
You know what hm semester 1 had been a lil bit hard for me it's not that hard actually but the language subjects kill me inside.
And biocalculus too luls idk what's wrong w meh but really i can't make up w maths and numbering for sure so sad so next semester i will face physics oh. my. God. haha 
I do enjoy learning biocalculus rase macam senang je tapi bila exam *continue yourself*
Just hoping for the best for my upcoming result so cuak to the max i tell ya.

And talking about my tutorial class, God bless i really havva such an awesome-nerdy-tutormates yeahh 2 boys and the rest are girls.
Can you imagine that?
Also the best part is they hv their own behavior or characteristic or idk what-to-called that 'perangai' thingy.
Not to mention here but seriously they're really fun to get going (y)

Last night i was laying on the bed and it was 1:30 o'clock thinking about nothing what kind of thought i've been thinking lah haha 

My mom just got back from hukm and that week i'm at usim attending for alsp. Actually i'm scared. Scared of everything scared about the future scared about who i will be scared about getting older. Indeed i'm afraid of age, i'm afraid when my beloved one; my parents will getting old time by time hm. 
My mom was suffering from fibroid for almost like 5 years kott idk the exact time cuz honestly i didn't take serious about that stuff but alhamdulliah she's better now after the operation last week.
Thot it's gonna hurt like hell and it's going to need time heal, the point is, it will heal.
So be brave and brace yourself.
Nothing in this life has no solution, every probs has their own solution, the way we handle it that's really important.

Till then my love, bobai ;)

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